PCB Design Workshop

What is this workshop about?

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a device which connects multiple electronic components in a single substrate. It mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features. In the PCB Design Workshop, the participants will design the circuit schematic using PCB design software. After which they will be involved in practical sessions for fabrication and manufacturing of a real-time working PCB, using the designed circuit module from the software.

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding of the steps and processes involved in PCB design.
  • Exposure to real time PCB fabrication process.
  • Developing the schematics of circuit design using industry standard editors of sample circuit.
  • Study of new features and techniques using PCB design software.
  • Practical experience of PCB fabrication of a sample circuit.

Course structure and Topics covered

  • Introduction to PCB design – Duration 3 hours
  • Lecture on PCB design software – Duration 1 hour
  • Developing the Schematics of PCB design – Duration 2 hours
  • Designing and Auto-Routing of the circuit design in the software- Duration 2 hours
  • 10 step procedure for real time PCB fabrication process. – Duration 4 hours
  • Drilling and placement of components –Duration 2 hours
  • Final soldering and testing of the sample circuit- duration 2 hours

Hardware Kit

  • Copper clad board
  • Ferric chloride solution
  • Resistors
  • Color LEDs
  • OHP transparent sheet
  • Sand paperLaser printer*
  • Soldering gun*
  • Hand drillers*
  • Multimeter*
  • Other Mechanical tools*

*- These tools are part of the hardware tool kit and will be taken back after the workshop

Online Portal and Exam:

  • Participants have access to an exclusive portal for rating their performance. This helps them to assess where they stand.
  • Additionally, students can evaluate what they learn by taking an online test, after successful completion of the workshop with a minor additional fee.

Certification and Awards:

  • Certification of participant

Why BlueHill Tech?

The BlueHill Tech team is a dedicated group of technology enthusiasts equipped with expertise on diverse domains of engineering study and practice essential for providing efficient industry-grade training on PCB related technology.

BlueHill Tech workshops with live projects helps students gain insights on industrial operations, more innovative thinking, instigate problem solving abilities, and evolve qualities of team work – necessary attributes found in every successful engineer.


Engineering students from any department who are interested in designing real time working PCB boards can participate in this workshop.


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