Gesture Controlled Robotics Workshop

Gesture Control Robot

What is this workshop about?

Gesture Based Robotics (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Robotics) deals with robots which involve human-machine interaction- where a robot is controlled through hand movements. The robots take inputs from accelerometer sensor and are controlled by programmed microcontrollers.

The workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensor, ARDUINO and other electronic components used in Robotics. It also includes training on ARDUINO programming using C and New IDE Tools in order to control the robots.

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding the working of accelerometer sensor and signal processing
  • Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers
  • Practical experience for participant with DC motors, microcontrollers, sensors and accelerometers.
  • Designing and Development of Gesture Based Robots
  • Participants are encouraged to think and come up with new designs

Course structure and Topics covered:

  • Lecture by an trainer – 2 hours
  • Designing & Development of the Robot – 2 hour
  • Programming the Robot – 5 hours
  • Testing Robots and Competition – 3 hours
  • Awards and Certificates Announcement – 0.5 Hours

Certification and Awards:

  • Certificate of participation

Hardware Kits:

  • Robotics Cheesy
  • Embedded Development board (Arduino Board) with USB Cable
  • DC motors & Wheels
  • Motor Driver
  • 12 v Battery
  • Gesture Sensor
  • IR Sensors
  • LED’s & Resistors
  • nose plier*
  • wire stripper*
  • screw driver*
  • Other Tools*

(*) Hardware kits will be taken back


Anybody interested in robotics and embedded systems can attend this workshop.


Course Fees: Rs. 3000/- per team

All payments can be made by early payment or Bank transaction before workshop day.

  • Team max of 4 members
  • No On spot registration available
  • for registration click here



DATE : Coming Soon..

Office Address:

BlueHill Technologies
No 1-200/2&3,
Opp. New Gurudatta Bojanalaya
Aiwan-E-Shahi Road

Workshop  territory:


Contact Details:

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries.
Phone: 9739076766 | 8088025015


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