Arduino Workshop


Arduino- a popular ‘Open-Source Embedded Development Board’- uses sensors, actuators and an integrated development environment for developing different types of projects. The workshop will help students learn the principles associated with

Arduino hardware and software. Training emphasis is given to applied knowledge of the principles by exposing the students to live working projects.

Course Highlights:

  • Practical experience on Arduino

  • Two live projects on Arduino
  • Skills for designing projects using Arduino
  • Understanding of the concepts of Arduino

Course Structure & Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Arduino – Duration 3 hours
  • Practical session on Arduino software – Duration 2 hours
  • Lecture on LED cubes and visitor counter – Duration 2 hours
  • Practical session on LED cubes

    and testing using Arduino – Duration 4 hours

Certification and Awards:

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Most Innovative Appl

    ication Award

Hardware Kits:

  • Arduino board
  • Nose Plier*,
  • Screwdriver and other tools.
  • wire stripper*

(*) Hardware kits will be taken back.


Anybody interested in lear

ning embedded systems can attend this workshop.

Contact Details

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

Phone: 8095136647 | 9900877562



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