Smart Card/RFID Projects

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1B14RF01 Attendance management with door access control
1B14RF03 Automated and unmanned vehicle toll collection / parking system using RFID technology
1B14RF04 Automatic accident identification, detection via vibration sensors using RF technology
1B14RF05 Automatic car parking system.
1B14RF06 Bus fare pay system for passengers
1B14RF07 Door opening and closing system with security using RFID.
1B14RF08 Library management system
1B14RF09 Luggage tracking system using RFID
1B14RF10 Medi-card for patients
1B14RF11 Metro train (ticket analyzer)
1B14RF12 Navigational robot with camera using RF technology
1B14RF13 PC based door access and attendance logger using RFID
1B14RF14 Prepaid card for browsing center using RFID.
1B14RF15 Prepaid card for petrol bunk.
1B14RF17 Prepaid energy meter using RFID.
1B14RF18 RFID based attendance card system
1B14RF19 RFID based blind man stick
1B14RF20 RFID based employee database management using RTC
1B14RF21 RFID based event tracking system for sports
1B14RF22 RFID based file tracing system for big government organizations.
1B14RF24 RFID based human / vehicle detection and monitoring system
1B14RF25 RFID based ration card
1B14RF26 RFID based reservation system
1B14RF27 RFID based shopping trolley
1B14RF28 RFID based train identification and railway crossing system
1B14RF29 RFID based vehicle identification and speed measurement
1B14RF30 RFID based voting machine
1B14RF31 RFID enabled passport verification
1B14RF32 RFID enabled voter-id
1B14RF33 RFID in hospitals – a case study & demonstration project in a hospital
1B14RF34 RFID r/w based banking system
1B14RF35 RFID r/w based health card
1B14RF36 RFID r/w based prepaid energy meter
1B14RF37 RFID r/w based score card for industries
1B14RF38 Routing, guiding, obstacle detecting and controlling of vehicle using active RFID technology
1B14RF39 Secure vehicle theft detection
1B14RF40 Security and privacy in RFID and applications in telemedicine
1B14RF41 Security system
1B14RF42 Shopping cart
1B14RF45 Stolen vehicle identification
1B14RF46 Student attendance system using RFID technology &
1B14RF47 Theft identification system for supermarkets using RFID
1B14RF48 Toll management / smart card access system
1B14RF49 Unmanned petrol pump



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