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1B14RB01 3 – axis controlled Robot
1B14RB05 Alcohol sensing Robot
1B14RB06 All surface movement Robots for live human detection in earth quake areas
1B14RB07 Asset tracking via Robotic location crawling
1B14RB08 Auto guided vehicle with material handling and obstacle detection
1B14RB09 Automatic voice announcement based Robot fire analysis system
1B14RB10 Automatic voice pronouncement based Robot fire psychoanalytic system
1B14RB11 Bluetooth controlled Robot
1B14RB12 Cell phone operated land rover Robot
1B14RB13 Computer controlled intelligent Robot
1B14RB14 Controlling Robotic arm with Ethernet
1B14RB15 Design and development of obstacle sensing and object guiding Robot
1B14RB16 Embedded intelligent capability of a modular Robotic system
1B14RB17 Escaping Robot
1B14RB18 Fire analyzing Robot with voice feedback
1B14RB19 Fire extinguishing or firefighting Robotic vehicle with RF technology
1B14RB20 Flex sensor operated robotic arm
1B14RB21 Gadget Robot
1B14RB22 Gas detection Robot
1B14RB23 GSM based automotive Robot
1B14RB25 Image / video capturing and PC telecasting Robot
1B14RB26 Industrial hazardous gas leakage detection and information system using intelligent Robot
1B14RB27 Industrial spy Robot with image monitoring
1B14RB28 Innovative material handling Robot
1B14RB29 Intelligent autonomous Robots for industrial applications
1B14RB30 Intelligent combat Robot for military operations
1B14RB31 Intelligent line follower Robot for industrial purpose
1B14RB32 IR controlled Robot
1B14RB33 IR controlled Robot(using TV remote)
1B14RB34 IVRS system based mobile controlling Robot
1B14RB35 Kroto finder
1B14RB36 Land mine detecting Robotic vehicle
1B14RB37 Laser controlled Robot
1B14RB38 Light/line and DTMF signal following intelligent Robot
1B14RB39 Line following Robot with obstacle detection
1B14RB40 Live human detecting Robot for earth quake rescue operation
1B14RB41 Localization of multiple Robots with simple sensors
1B14RB42 Multiple interface security Robot
1B14RB43 Navigation and mobile security system of intelligent security Robot
1B14RB44 Navigational Robot with camera using RF technology.
1B14RB45 Object avoiding Robot using ultrasonic sensor
1B14RB46 Obstacle avoidance Robotic vehicle
1B14RB47 Path finding Robot
1B14RB48 Path planning for collaborative multi-Robot systems
1B14RB49 PC based small unit unmanned vehicle for today’s army
1B14RB50 PC controlled Robot
1B14RB51 PC controlled Robot using ZigBee technology.
1B14RB52 PC controlled unmanned fighter (war tanker or helicopter)
1B14RB53 Pipe inspection Robot
1B14RB54 Quad helicopter
1B14RB55 Racing Robot
1B14RB56 Radio controlled combat Robot.
1B14RB57 Remote controlled Robot
1B14RB58 Robot control ( swipe / button press ) : wired & wireless
1B14RB59 Robot for medical application
1B14RB60 Robotic arm control through internet or LAN for patient surgery
1B14RB61 Robotic arm control through internet/LAN for patient operation with one operating tool.
1B14RB62 Robotic pick and place with digital counter
1B14RB63 Rope climbing robot with surveillance capability
1B14RB64 Seed sprayer
1B14RB65 Solar operated Robot
1B14RB66 Spy Robot with bomb detection and image monitoring
1B14RB67 Staircase climbing Robot
1B14RB68 Tele-operation of a Robot manipulator using a human – Robot interface
1B14RB69 The design of a wheel chair mounted Robot
1B14RB70 The development of intelligent home security Robot
1B14RB71 Trolled Robot
1B14RB72 Use of cellular phone in mobile Robot voice control
1B14RB73 Walk and talk Robot
1B14RB74 Wheel chair for disabled person using Robot
1B14RB75 Wireless based crane control

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