MIcrocontroller Projects(8051/AVR/PIC/ARM)

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1B14MC01 8051 based     dc motor speed control through push switches
1B14MC02 8051 based     dc motor speed control using   PC
1B14MC03 8051 based     dc motor speed control using   RF
1B14MC04 8051 microcontroller based code lock   with security dial   up
1B14MC06 A novel optimum point tracker of the solar cell power supply system
1B14MC07 Aircraft black box with auto information to the base station.
1B14MC08 Airport automation.
1B14MC09 Alcoholic analyzer and tilt detector for vehicle secured ignition.
1B14MC10 Alcoholic breath analyzer and tilt detector for vehicle secured ignition
1B14MC11 An i2c network protocol for environmental monitoring
1B14MC12 Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation.
1B14MC13 Auto digital-speed indicator with speed control
1B14MC14 Auto wiper speed controller according to rain force
1B14MC15 Automated ambulance gates at ambulance and traffic signals.
1B14MC16 Automated greenhouse status monitoring and control system
1B14MC17 Automatic dc motor speed control with automatic feedback via SMS using PWM technology
1B14MC19 Automatic vehicle speed, horn, and brake management system (with analyzer – optional)
1B14MC21 Belt conveyor system with pick and place and digital counter
1B14MC22 Bidirectional open loop stepper motor speed control by using pic microcontroller
1B14MC23 Black box for vehicles/car – intelligent vehicle monitoring system.
1B14MC24 Cable tester for industries using AVR
1B14MC25 Can controlled servo meter (industrial motor)with contact less proximity sensor.
1B14MC26 Cold blood bank storage management system.
1B14MC27 Dc motor speed control using Bluetooth
1B14MC29 Density based traffic light controller
1B14MC30 Designing a complete vehicle immobilization system integrated with a personalized alert mechanism.
1B14MC31 Development of wireless sensor network for health monitoring system
1B14MC32 Digital energy meter with serial interface for industries
1B14MC33 Efficient power generation and multipurpose optimization
1B14MC34 Electric field and ultrasonic sensor based security system
1B14MC35 Electrical substation scrutinizing and controlling device from remote area
1B14MC36 Electronic eye using 8051
1B14MC37 Electronic lift control using 8051
1B14MC38 Electronic stick for blind with panic button alert.
1B14MC39 Energy scrutiny system with auto load
1B14MC40 Energy-saver (anti-sweat heater) switch for refrigerator
1B14MC41 Gas leakage, thief and fire detector & auto dialing controller system.
1B14MC42 GSM and PIR sensor based light controller and networked safety system.
1B14MC43 High protection voice identification based bank locker security system with live video transmission
1B14MC44 Implementation of solar cell tracing system for the maximum utilization of solar power and illumination
1B14MC45 Industrial automation and monitoring system (temperature, vibration, pressure etc.)
1B14MC46 Industrial automation using CAN network.
1B14MC47 Industrial protection system using temperature, smoke sensors and LDR
1B14MC48 Intelligent advanced RTO surveillance system
1B14MC49 Invisible eye
1B14MC50 Involuntary temperature level scrutinizing and controlling system for industrial boiler
1B14MC51 Low cost precision digital energy meter and cost indicator
1B14MC52 Micro controller based intelligent multi-timer system for industrial automation.
1B14MC53 Microcontroller based object   counter
1B14MC54 Microcontroller based aeronautical crash prevention system through RF communication
1B14MC55 Microcontroller based automated metro train
1B14MC56 Microcontroller based bank locker security system with voice reporting
1B14MC57 Microcontroller based home or industrial automation.
1B14MC58 Microcontroller based measurement of current, voltage, power factor and temperature for industrial applications
1B14MC59 Mobile controlled dc motor speed controller.
1B14MC60 Online speed control of dc motor with high speed network
1B14MC61 Passenger pre-paid metro card system.
1B14MC62 Patient monitoring system
1B14MC63 Pre-paid power energy meter.
1B14MC64 Railway gate control system using 8051
1B14MC65 Real time load shedding for power lines.
1B14MC66 Realization of prepaid bill management system for electricity board
1B14MC67 Remote controlled jack for cars.
1B14MC68 RFID based train identification, detection and unmanned railway crossing system
1B14MC69 Smart card based prepaid electricity billing
1B14MC70 Talking energy meter
1B14MC71 Token number display with voice in security using microcontroller at89c51.
1B14MC72 Transformer industrial parameters management control system and intimation to electricity board
1B14MC73 Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board
1B14MC74 Voice operated induction motor speed control through RF communication
1B14MC75 Wireless communication based digital notice board using graphical LCD
1B14MC76 Wireless power transmission
1B14MC77 Wireless sensor networks – density based traffic controller


ARM Controller Projects:

1B14AR01 Arm and GLCD based microcontroller clock.
1B14AR02 ARM and RFID based security system ( home , office or industrial)
1B14AR03 Arm based remote temperature controller with Ethernet.
1B14AR04 ARM based smart power generation and multipurpose optimization
1B14AR05 Arm+ethernet controlled temperature regulator used to control the Device.
1B14AR06 Check point access control using ARM+Ethernet+RFID.
1B14AR07 Digital receipt system (ARM+Ethernet).
1B14AR08 Ethernet controller for home appliance using internet.
1B14AR09 Implementing peripherals using 32-bit arm microcontroller
1B14AR10 Internet based home automation system using arm 7
1B14AR11 Programmable logic controllers (PLC) using arm for industrial automation with RS485.
1B14AR12 Real time data acquisition system using arm and RTOS.
1B14AR13 Talking thermometer for visually impaired.
1B14AR14 Temperature and humidity control system using graphical LCD and ARM
1B14AR15 Wireless tele media system based on arm and web server

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