Embedded System Projects

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1B14ED01 8051 Based     DC motor Sped Control through Push Switches
1B14ED02 8051 Based     DC motor Speed Control using   PC
1B14ED03 8051 Based     DC motor Speed Control using   RF
1B14ED04 8051 Microcontroller Based Code lock   With Security dial   up
1B14ED05 8051 based   dc motor speed control using RF.
1B14ED06 A mobile – agent based distributed intelligent control system architecture for home automation
1B14ED07 A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building
1B14ED08 A Novel Optimum point tracker of solar cell power supply system
1B14ED09 A testing method for PIR detectors system
1B14ED10 Aeronautical collision prevention system
1B14ED11 Aircraft black box with auto information to the base station.
1B14ED12 Airport automation.
1B14ED13 Alcohol detection with vehicle controlling
1B14ED14 Alcohol test and vehicle security system
1B14ED16 Alcoholic breath analyzer and tilt detector for vehicle secured Ignition
1B14ED17 Android based home automation
1B14ED18 Android based intelligent traffic control
1B14ED19 Artificial intelligent solar power generation
1B14ED20 ATM terminal design based on fingerprint recognition
1B14ED21 Auto wiper speed controller according to rain force
1B14ED22 Auto-image monitoring using CCTV camera
1B14ED24 Automated ambulance gates at ambulance and traffic signals.
1B14ED25 Automated bus-stop alert for passengers
1B14ED26 Automated conveyor system
1B14ED27 Automated green house status monitoring and control system
1B14ED28 Automated restaurant for efficient maintenance
1B14ED29 Automatic vehicle speed, horn, and brake management system (with Analyzer – optional)
1B14ED30 Belt conveyer with pick and place and digital.
1B14ED31 Biometric enabled ration shop
1B14ED32 Black box for vehicles/car – intelligent vehicle monitoring system.
1B14ED33 Bus identification system for blind
1B14ED34 Cable tester for industries using AVR
1B14ED35 CAN controlled accident avoidance system
1B14ED36 Child tracking system on android phones by using GPS, gsm and finger scanner
1B14ED37 Chopper based dc motor controller
1B14ED38 Cold blood bank storage management system.
1B14ED39 Credit card security in real time application using gsm technology
1B14ED40 Crop monitoring involving water and power conservation using wireless sensor networks
1B14ED41 Density based traffic light controller
1B14ED42 Designing a complete vehicle immobilization system integrated with a Personalized alert mechanism.
1B14ED43 Designing of tele medicine application on ARM TDMI architecture
1B14ED44 Development of wireless sensor network for health monitoring system
1B14ED45 Digital energy meter with auto limiting of load
1B14ED46 Domestic waste disposal information system for public health maintenance
1B14ED47 Double axis solar panel tracking system
1B14ED48 Drip irrigation system using android
1B14ED49 Efficient power generation and multi purpose optimization
1B14ED50 Electronic Eye using 8051
1B14ED51 Electronic lift control using 8051
1B14ED52 Electronic stick for blind with panic button alert.
1B14ED53 Eye blink with more explanation
1B14ED54 Gas leakage, thief and fire detector & auto dialing controller system.
1B14ED55 GPS-GSM integration for enhancing public transportation management services
1B14ED56 GSM and GPS based vehicle location and tracking system
1B14ED57 High protection voice identification based bank locker security system with live video transmission
1B14ED58 Humanoid robot
1B14ED59 Humidity monitoring and pumping system
1B14ED60 Industrial automation and monitoring system (temperature, vibration, Pressure etc.)
1B14ED61 Industrial energy saver
1B14ED62 Industrial energy saver “A testing method for PIR detectors system”
1B14ED63 Industrial energy saver “Artificial intelligent solar power generation”
1B14ED64 Industrial protection system using temperature, smoke sensors and LDR
1B14ED65 Intelligent advanced RTO surveillance system
1B14ED66 Intelligent fire detection and fighting robot
1B14ED68 Intelligent guard alert system
1B14ED69 Invisible eye
1B14ED70 Microcontroller Based Object   Counter
1B14ED71 Microcontroller based aeronautical crash prevention system through RF communication
1B14ED72 Microcontroller based automated metro train
1B14ED73 Microcontroller based bank locker security system with voice Reporting
1B14ED74 Microcontroller based home or industrial automation.
1B14ED75 Modern car parking system
1B14ED76 Ozone gas generator for water purifier
1B14ED77 Patient monitoring system
1B14ED78 Passenger pre-paid metro card system.
1B14ED79 Path planning system for blind
1B14ED80 PWM based single phase ac induction motor with close loop controller
1B14ED81 PWM based solar tracking system with sine wave inverter
1B14ED82 PWM based three phase ac induction motor with close loop controller
1B14ED83 Quick rescue supporting information system based on Bluetooth technology for efficient accident handling
1B14ED84 Railway Gate Control system using 8051
1B14ED85 Real ECG machine over GSM network
1B14ED86 Remote controlled jack for cars.
1B14ED87 RF based human movement monitoring using PIR Sensors
1B14ED88 RFID based library management system using android
1B14ED89 RFID based train identification, detection and unmanned railway crossing System
1B14ED90 Self-guided vehicle
1B14ED91 Single axis solar panel tracking system
1B14ED92 Smoke alert system for industries
1B14ED93 Solar based lighting system
1B14ED94 Temperature level monitoring and automatic control in boiler
1B14ED95 Token number display with voice in security using microcontroller At89c51.
1B14ED96 Train collision detection
1B14ED97 Visual metro transport tracking
1B14ED98 Wireless communication based digital notice board using graphical LCD
1B14ED99 Wireless motor control system
1B14ED100 Wireless sensor networks – density based traffic controller