GSM/GPS Technology Projects

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1B14GS01 A mobile based home automation system
1B14GS02 Automated GSM based electricity billing and cut off system.
1B14GS03 Automatic taxi trip sensing and indicating system through GSM
1B14GS05 Cell phone based device control with voice acknowledgement
1B14GS06 Cell phone based robot detection control
1B14GS07 Cell phone to cell phone appliance control system
1B14GS08 Data acquisition system with GSM modem.
1B14GS09 Data transfer for advertisement display or notice board using GSM.
1B14GS10 Dc motor control using cell phone
1B14GS11 DTMF telephone remote control.
1B14GS12 Engine monitoring through mobile phone
1B14GS13 Gaps vehicle theft identification and tracking and control system
1B14GS14 Green house monitoring system using GSM Technology
1B14GS15 GSM based automate control system
1B14GS16 GSM based bank locking system
1B14GS17 GSM based border security system
1B14GS18 GSM based complete irrigation solution.
1B14GS19 GSM based control system
1B14GS20 GSM based greenhouse monitoring system
1B14GS21 GSM based health care system with heartbeat, glucose, temperature monitoring.
1B14GS22 GSM based home appliance control
1B14GS23 GSM based industrial fault monitoring system
1B14GS24 GSM based industry automation
1B14GS25 GSM based notice board system
1B14GS26 GSM based robotic car
1B14GS27 GSM based security system
1B14GS28 GSM based security system with gas leakage identification and theft controlling
1B14GS29 GSM based student information monitoring and transferring system
1B14GS30 GSM based student performance checking system
1B14GS31 GSM based vehicle accident alert system ( GSM + accelerometer based   )
1B14GS32 GSM based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system (light, fan, motor etc.)
1B14GS33 GSM based wireless notice board
1B14GS34 GSM controlled dc motor
1B14GS35 Highway vehicle traffic monitor using GSM
1B14GS36 Home automation & control system using DTMF
1B14GS37 Industrial furnace monitor using mobile system
1B14GS38 Industrial monitor through GSM networks
1B14GS39 Intelligent RF security system for banks with GSM modem & sensors.
1B14GS40 Mine detection for defense using GSM
1B14GS41 Mobile based home automation system
1B14GS42 Mobile based voting machine
1B14GS43 Mobile to pc interface for controlling of devices using DTMF technology
1B14GS44 Motor speed, light controller using cellular phone
1B14GS45 Railway accident monitoring system
1B14GS46 Railway security management system (bridge vibration detection) based on GSM.
1B14GS47 Railway security management system using GSM
1B14GS48 Real ECG machine for doctors with data transmission through GSM modem
1B14GS49 Remote access control and automation system for electronic appliances using DTMF telephone line
1B14GS50 Remote billing of energy meter or water meter using GSM modem
1B14GS51 Remote control of industrial machines based on GSM technique
1B14GS52 Remote sales terminal networking
1B14GS53 Security and auto dialing system
1B14GS54 Security breach intimation for unauthorized entry based on mobile technique
1B14GS55 Short messaging system based voting system using GSM
1B14GS56 SMS based banking security system
1B14GS57 SMS based dc motor speed controller
1B14GS58 SMS based device control using GSM modem (light, fan, motor etc…)
1B14GS59 SMS based electricity bill
1B14GS60 SMS based home appliance control
1B14GS61 SMS based industrial controller
1B14GS62 SMS based industrial disaster intimation system
1B14GS63 SMS based industrial monitor
1B14GS64 SMS based security system
1B14GS65 SMS based single phase induction motor controller
1B14GS66 SMS based three phase induction motor controller
1B14GS67 SMS based universal motor speed controller
1B14GS68 SMS based weather reporting.
1B14GS69 Tracking got-stamp paper and automation using GSM modem
1B14GS70 Wireless control of appliances & devices by mobile phone using DTMF technology