Wireless Technology/ZigBee Projects

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1B14WL01 Accident identification system
1B14WL02 Audio signal transmitter
1B14WL03 Automated railway gate level crossing scrutinize and control system
1B14WL04 Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone and horn controller for hospital zone.
1B14WL05 Centralized monitoring system for taxies
1B14WL06 Cryptographic secured communication between army stations
1B14WL07 Facilitate traffic signal identification for blind people communication
1B14WL08 File sharing using Bluetooth
1B14WL09 Industrial secured tidy smoke detection and alarm system through wireless
1B14WL10 Intelligent wireless controller for oil wells
1B14WL11 Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train advanced automatic intelligent train engine system
1B14WL12 Remote controlled dish antenna
1B14WL13 Remote home security system
1B14WL14 Remote industrial security system
1B14WL15 RF based remote control for ac
1B14WL16 RF based scrolling display
1B14WL17 Simple radar communication system
1B14WL18 Vehicle accident prevention using eye blink sensor using wireless
1B14WL19 Vehicle tracking system
1B14WL20 Video signal transmitter
1B14WL21 Wireless attendance recorder
1B14WL22 Wireless audio communication system
1B14WL23 Wireless bus stop information provider system for passengers and station announcements.
1B14WL24 Wireless camera position system
1B14WL25 Wireless code locking
1B14WL26 Wireless communication for fire detection systems in commercial areas industrial and home
1B14WL27 Wireless home appliances controller
1B14WL28 Wireless hospital management system
1B14WL29 Wireless motor monitoring system
1B14WL30 Wireless process controller
1B14WL31 Wireless security system
1B14WL32 Wireless traffic light controller
1B14WL33 Wireless transformer monitoring system
1B14WL34 Wireless tsunami warning alarm for people security
1B14WL35 Wireless voting machine
1B14WL36 Wireless water level controller

ZigBee Based Projects:

1B14ZB01 Data logger
1B14ZB02 Duplex messenger
1B14ZB03 Industrial automation / device control
1B14ZB04 Robot control
1B14ZB05 PC controlled robot using ZigBee technology
1B14ZB06 Wireless control of irrigation system using ZigBee
1B14ZB08 ZigBee based green bee system
1B14ZB09 ZigBee based home automation system
1B14ZB10 Remote monitoring of car engine using can and ZigBee protocols
1B14ZB11 Kroto finder
1B14ZB12 Remote-controllable and energy-saving room architecture based on ZigBee communication
1B14ZB13 ZigBee device access control & reliable data transmission in ZigBee based health monitoring system
1B14ZB14 Remote power on/off control & current measuring for home electric outlets based on a low power embedded board & ZigBee communication
1B14ZB15 Development of automated tolling system for vehicle