Bio-Medical/Bio-Metric Projects

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Bio-Metric Projects

1B14BM01 Finger print based medical information system for patient
1B14BM02 Finger print based door control with attendance management system
1B14BM03 PC login system using finger print recognition
1B14BM04 Secured digital voting machine using finger print recognition
1B14BM05 Finger print recognized ATM
1B14BM06 Finger print recognized passport verification
1B14BM08 Finger print based Attendance system
1B14BM10 Finger print based Production security system
1B14BM11 Finger print based Medical information system
1B14BM12 Finger print based Banking system
1B14BM13 Finger print based Library management system
1B14BM14 Finger print based Security system
1B14BM15 Finger print based Door opening and closing system
1B14BM16 Finger print based Lift operating

Bio-Medical Projects

1B14BMC01 Automatic anesthesia controlling system
1B14BMC02 Automatic patient’s heart beat and body temperature monitoring for remote doctor
1B14BMC03 Bio feedback system
1B14BMC04 Bio metric recognition system based digital voting machine
1B14BMC05 Calorie meter
1B14BMC06 Centralized monitoring system for hospital
1B14BMC07 Design and implementation of a programmable apnea monitoring system
1B14BMC08 Drips rate monitor & alarm
1B14BMC09 ECG wave form transmission through telephone line
1B14BMC10 Electronic library management system using finger print sensor
1B14BMC11 Electronic stethoscope
1B14BMC12 Finger print prediction enabled passport authentication system
1B14BMC13 Four channel temperature scanning for cardiac surgery
1B14BMC14 Galvanic skin response system
1B14BMC15 High protection ATM system with finger print identification technology with image record and GSM
1B14BMC16 High protection security system with biometric and video transmission
1B14BMC17 Home health care device
1B14BMC18 Hospital connection system
1B14BMC19 Hospital maintenance system though power line
1B14BMC20 Hospital networking
1B14BMC21 Human gait analyzer and recognition
1B14BMC22 Insulin monitor
1B14BMC23 Involuntary, biometric door access control and attendance maintenance system
1B14BMC24 IVRS based automatic teller machine transaction system with the help of RFID technology for blind people with biometric authentication **
1B14BMC25 Magneto meter
1B14BMC26 Memes based PC commands using hand signals
1B14BMC27 Microcontroller-based human brain hypothermia system
1B14BMC28 Muscular bio simulator
1B14BMC29 Nebulizer
1B14BMC30 Patient care and health analysis system
1B14BMC31 Patient medical information system using finger print
1B14BMC32 Patient treatment recorder
1B14BMC33 Patient’s BP level monitoring system
1B14BMC34 Pedo meter
1B14BMC35 Portable computer aided drug dispenser
1B14BMC36 Portable tele-medical monitoring using wireless sensors on the edge of the internet
1B14BMC37 Power line transmission based hospital management system with iris authentication
1B14BMC38 Pulse rate monitor & alarm
1B14BMC39 Radiation dosage rate meter
1B14BMC40 Real-time implementation of bio-pod finger print attendance monitor.
1B14BMC41 Salt tester for liquid foods
1B14BMC42 Smart Medicare
1B14BMC43 Sonography
1B14BMC44 Temperature and pulse rate monitor through OFC
1B14BMC45 Temperature and respiration monitor through OFC
1B14BMC46 Temperature, respiration and pulse rate monitor and alarm
1B14BMC47 Tongue pressure sensing system
1B14BMC48 Tread mill

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