Who we are?

We are the special task force for creative engineering, generating ideas and realizing visions. We are smart, fast, reliable, professional, agile, creative and innovative. We are engineers with heart and soul, we love smart solutions and we love getting things done. We want to accelerate the future – realizing own projects and supporting your visions.

Who we do?

BlueHill Technologies is the most reputed “Embedded system design” house actively engaged in the field of Electronics & Electronics related Software & Hardware Development from past 2 years. Our team of developers is highly skilled & dedicated to meet the constantly changing customer requirements & technological advancements. Our technological prowess comes from an students and a dedicated team of Engineers. Resulting in a ‘step ahead’ position always.. in the domain of Embedded systems, Robotics, Android, Project development & Workshops, Hobby Kits and PCB manufacturing..

Along With

Our primary specialty at BlueHill Tech’s students section is the project work. We offer perhaps the widest range of technologies and concepts to students. We specialize in software, electrical, electronics, communication, instrumentation, mechatronics and associated fields. We offer more than 500 different ideas under a variety of categories.

The ideas we have on offer are among the very latest in the respective fields and innovative. This is because our project ideas are derived from the latest international technical publications and from the firsthand information from our various industrial sources. We would be more than happy to implement any new idea that the students bring to our attention.

How we do?

Our projects guidance team is known for its flexibility and efficiency, which are the two key ingredients required for the development of projects which meet the students’ unending aspirations.

What’s Special?

Our project work methodology is unique and has been redefined over the years with the experience of having guided thousands of aspiring students with success. Our past students have found project work at our centers as a reliable, efficient, inexpensive and a fruitful learning experience.
Among the key aspects of our project work methodology is the information, we provide the students about their project at various stages of their project through regular classes and also through detailed technical documentation that we provide in digital format.

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RAVI KUMAR                                                                               SHRISHAIL PATTAR                             Founder                                                                                            Co-Founder                             Chief Executive                                                                 Managing Director & Admin